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Soil Picture Tape

IMG_6731These soil tapes provide for pictorial documentation of soil structure and are used in general farm, local, and wider area planning. The onsite investigation of soils allow the analysis of soil structure which has conservation and engineering applications. These tapes are made of durable nylon, have single sided markings in metric or English measures that won’t wash off, rub off or fade. These tapes are the same product we provide to U.S. government soil scientists. Grommets on each end allow the tape to be fixed to soil profiles, which eliminates blowing or movement during picture taking. Use the ‘Get In Touch’ form on the right to request quantity and pricing information.

Katy Bug Designs

Looking for unique gifts for your little ones? From onesies and bibs to towels and totes, we will create the right gift for you. Check out our gallery for ideas and examples!


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